I knew this was my moment

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I knew this was my moment

If sheer will were enough by itself, it would have been enough a long time ago, back on University Avenue, I figured.

I knew this was my moment

It wasn't, not for me anyway. Instead, I needed something to motivate me. I needed a few things that I could think about in my moments of weakness that would cause me to throw off the blanket and walk through the front door.

More than will, I needed something to inspire me. One thing that helped was a picture I kept in mind, this image that I used over and over whenever I was faced with these daily choices.

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I pictured a runner running on a racetrack. Only, the runner in my mental image did not run alongside others; she ran solo, with no one watching her.

And she did not run a free and clear track, she ran one that required her to jump numerous hurdles, which made her break into a heavy sweat under the sun. I used this image every time I thought of things that frustrated me: To overcome these issues I pictured my runner bolting down the track, jumping hurdles toward the finish line.

Finding sleep, hurdle, schoolwork, hurdle. On mornings when I did not want to get out of bed, I saw another hurdle to leap over.

This way, obstacles became a natural part of the course, an indication that I was right where I needed to be, running the track, which was entirely different from letting obstacles make me believe I was off it.

On a racing track, why wouldn't there be hurdles? With this picture in mind—using the hurdles to leap forward toward my diploma—I shrugged the blanket off, went through the door, and got myself to school.The Day My Father Died I listened and watched.

I placed my hand on his chest. By then I knew he had died.

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I held his hand, his fingers still soft and warm. (perhaps my last moment of. Jul 11,  · “This was my pivot point,” she writes in “Becoming.” “My moment of self-arrest.” Callie Shell/Aurora Photos Michelle Obama and her husband, Senator and Presidential Candidate Barack Obama, on his campaign bus the morning of the New Hampshire primary .

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To our family he was a . Feb 13,  · This was a moment of complete and utter self-awareness – one in which I had to quiet my self-doubts and criticism and instead trust in my abilities, know my value and refuse to .

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